Hello, my name is Pablo Huijse and this is my personal webpage, it contains my CV, educational material and a couple of interesting links. Cheers!

Curriculum Vitae

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Research interest

Astronomical time series and image analysis using information theory and machine learning concepts

Short bio

Pablo was born in Valdivia, Chile in 1985. He received his B.Sc. and P.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Universidad de Chile in 2009. He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the Universidad de Chile in 2014. In 2012 he visited the Institute for Applied Computational Science at Harvard University. In 2013 he visited the Computational Neuroengineering Laboratory at the University of Florida. In 2015-2017 he did a postdoc at the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics. Since 2018 he is a young researcher at MAS and an assistant professor at the Informatics Institute, Universidad Austral de Chile, where he teaches statistics, machine learning and digital signal processing courses.
Pablo is also founder of Qualia where he works with his brother on the development of interactive objects and immersive videogame experiences. His work at Qualia involves physical interfaces, embedded systems, interactive and video game design, generative art and music synthesis. He is not very good at sports but he can run pretty fast and he swims like a fish. He trust in his cooking skills and he is learning to play the transverse flute. He enjoys having long talks and playing PC videogames with his brother. He loves his wife very much.